Mortgage Loan Process

Meet with one of our qualified loan officers. We will identify your needs, educate you on the mortgage process and recommend the best program to meet your financial goals and housing needs.

The next step will be to pre-qualify you for the mortgage. This entails taking an application and pulling your credit. At this time, the loan officer will be able to confirm the type of financing that you will most likely qualify for.

The next step is the pre-approval. This will require that we submit the information collected on the application to a lender who will pre approve the loan. As long as we can validate the information provided on the application, the loan will be approved.

At this point we will collect additional supporting documentation from you, including copies of your pay stubs or tax returns and copies of your most recent bank and brokerage account statements.

We will also ask you to review and sign several disclosures that are required by law.

The most important documents we will give you are the good faith estimate and truthin lending statement. These two forms will give you an overview of the loan terms, your monthly payment and how much you will need to bring to closing.

At this point we will advise you to either lock or float your interest rate.

Once we have the supporting documentation, we will order the appraisal and title work and submit the file to the lender for a final approval.

When the lender receives the file, they will have an underwriter review the information and validate the data we have submitted. At this point they may request some additional information or ask us to clarify some things. We may need your help in getting these issues resolved.

Once the review is completed, they issue a final approval.

You will need to make a decision on an insurance provider, to make sure the house is protected.

We will then order the paperwork and have it delivered to the attorney in plenty of time for your closing.

Once the attorney has completed the settlement statement we will review it to ensure accuracy and make sure it compares to what we originally disclosed to you. Once our review is complete, we will contact you and let you know how much you need to bring to closing.

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