Construction Loan Process

When it comes time to build the home of your dreams, great anticipation, excitement and expectation all come into play. To ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, Pinnacle will help match your needs to the construction loan best suited for your project. Our solutions will provide all of your financing needs through the entire construction or home building process. These solutions apply to those constructing new homes or for those who are building major additions or making major renovations to existing homes.

Getting Started

Before you complete an application:

  • Select your builder
  • Develop your house plans
  • Finalize all necessary changes and modifications


  • Borrower – Begins the standard application and underwriting process with one of Pinnacle’s specialists.
  • Builder – Begins the approval process with lender. We will provide a checklist of things we need from your builder.
  • Lender – Reviews plans, drawings, specifications, budget and appraisal.

After the Application

  • Collect all necessary supporting documentation from borrower
  • Lock in rate (depending on product selected)
  • Builder to supply lender with copies of specifications and drawings
  • Finalize and sign construction contract and have builder supply lender with a copy
  • Appraiser is engaged to complete an as built appraisal
  • Builder submits all license, permits and references
  • Lender requests title work from attorney or title company
  • Submit the credit, builder and project file to underwriting for approval
  • Clear any conditions to loan approval
  • Schedule closing
  • Close loan
  • Initiate draws with your approval as builder requests them
  • Choose permanent program and lock in rate if needed by completing and providing any updated loan documents
  • Obtain certificate of occupancy
  • Obtain verification of proper home owners insurance
  • Obtain final approval on permanent loan
  • Schedule closing for permanent loan.
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