QuickBooks Connectivity

The Direct Connect Advantage


  • Two-way connectivity between  NetTeller and QuickBooks.
  • vs. One-way Web Connect between NetTeller and Quick Books (QuickBooks cannot send data to NetTeller).

    Downloading Transactions:

    • Received transactions appear in QuickBooks check register with the click of a button.
    • vs. Web Connect that requires each account to be opened separately while transaction activity is imported manually.

    Using Online Bill Pay:

    • Bill payment information is automatically sent from QuickBooks to NetTeller with a click of a button. NetTeller then has an up-to-date check register with no double entry.
    • vs. Web Connect where bills are paid using NetTeller by requiring users to manually input information into QuickBooks.

    Transferring Funds Between Pinnacle Accounts:

    • The user can record an online transfer between two Pinnacle accounts in QuickBooks and can automatically perform the transfer at the bank.
    • vs. Web Connect where users initiate the transfer on NetTeller then record the transfer in QuickBooks.


    Click Here, to download a PDF brochure outlining Pinnacle Bank QuickBooks Direct Connect advantages and offerings.

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