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What is My NetTeller?

My NetTeller is an optional landing page that lets you build a personal online banking homepage. My NetTeller does not replace any existing pages, but serves as a dashboard to your Pinnacle Bank accounts. With My NetTeller, you can display the functions you use most on one screen. With personalized options and convenient, easy access, My NetTeller is just one more way Pinnacle Bank is working for you.

  • Personalized to suit just your needs; My NetTeller lets you design a space especially for you and your preferences.
  • With My NetTeller, you have immediate and convenient access to items most important to you; Recent Transactions, Account Summary, Scheduled Transfers, an overview of accounts, etc. It’s what you want to see, right there when you need it.
  • My NetTeller is customizable so you determine where everything goes; what items should be displayed. You can make it work for you, order to suit fancy, frequency of use etc.
  • Best of all, My NetTeller is simplified. It is easy to navigate; the widgets are uncomplicated, without confusing or distracting information. All you do is drag and drop or select.

How Do I Activate My NetTeller?

Because My NetTeller is an optional feature you must initially navigate to the My NetTeller page.  It is accessible within the main navigation bar upon initial login, and appears just to the left of the Account Listing option.  The first time you open the My NetTeller page, you will see the default widgets and page configuration options.  You can set this page as your start page by selecting the box on the top left portion of the screen.


Configuring the MyNetTeller Page

Click the Configure This Page link to the left of the Set as Start Page option to see a window that allows you to add, remove, and reorder the widgets.

Configuring a Widget

Step 1: Click the Configure icon on the widget, the Configure window will appear.


Step 2: Add or remove items and change the order of display, if desired.

  • (-) removes a listed feature from the widget (inactive features listed on the right side of window).
  • (+) adds a listed feature to the widget (listed on the left side of window).
  • Click and drag the displaying items to change the order.

Step 3: Click Save to retain changes made to the widget. The Configure window will close and the widget will reload to reflect the changes.


Basic Functions

Configure: Allows the user to configure the widget. For example, clicking Configure in the “Recent Transactions” widget shows a list of accounts the user can display within the widget.

Go: Allows the user to jump to an expanded screen showing all widget data. For example, clicking Go in the “Recent Transactions” widget takes the user to Transactions option.

Remove: Removes the widget from the My NetTeller page. You can always re-add the widget under the Configure This Page link.


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