Cash Management Services

Pinnacle Bank is proud to offer many traditional cash management services to our customers including:


  • Account Reconciliation
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) Services
  • Line of Credit to Auto Draw
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Repo Sweep
  • Domestic & International wire transfer
  • Zero Balance Account (master & sub)

We are also glad to offer unique business services, such as:

Ipay Biz

Today’s small business owners know what they want. With Pinnacle Bank’s iPay Biz, you can have control and convenience within one online system, letting you complete business banking transactions with ease and comfort.

Be in Control of your Business

iPay Biz handles the unique needs of small businesses — from task delegation, direct deposit of payroll, auditing responsibilities, and multiple payment needs — so you have more time to focus on what you do best.  With iPay Biz businesses are given a better, faster, and more convenient way to pay their bills and manage payroll. iPay Biz works on your schedule and is customized to suit your business needs and desires. Businesses can view payment activity with a few clicks giving you true control over your cash flow while letting you make payments anytime and anywhere.


Bill Pay

Make payments quickly and control your payments to be more efficient.

    • Pay multiple invoices at one time
    • Schedule recurring payments
    • Provide dual control capability
    • Customize your own reports
    • Pay any bill electronically
Direct Deposit of Payroll

It pays to check into iPay Biz. Writing of payroll checks can be a time consuming part of the payroll process. With iPay Biz you can:

    • Schedule and send paychecks electronically
    • Deposit payroll directly into your employee’s account
    • Split the payment into two different accounts
    • All the details are in one place, making it easier for you to locate your payroll history
    • Receive reminders via email when your payroll is due

Transfers are now faster, more flexible, and more affordable to any domestic financial institution. No more going from bank to bank when you can now make account to account transfers. Businesses can customize:

    • What accounts to transfer money from
    • When you want the money transferred
    • How frequently money is transferred
    • How much you want to transfer
Package Details

Contact your banker at 864.233.6915 today for more information on the iPay Biz solution and the savings it creates for your business. Basic monthly enrollment costs just $21.95 per month! Pinnacle will be glad to set up a demo to further outline the features and benefits of iPay Biz.

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