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24 hour Banking: Free at any bank’s ATMs

For fast cash relief, Pinnacle Bank makes sure you have 24 hour banking services at any bank anywhere, at no cost to you. We do our best to accommodate our customers when you need it the most. Whether you are on vacation or out on business, Pinnacle Bank provides a safe haven for customers to have their needs met in even the direst situations.

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Don’t just switch…EMPOWER your banking!

Choose Pinnacle Bank as you’re new banking family! We do more than lend money; we are financial business partners dedicated to helping you, your business and your family grow. Understanding your business and your family is most important for decision-making purposes. That is why Pinnacle Bank takes time to get to know customers, so that we can offer the best advice.

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Pinnacle Mobile Banking

At Pinnacle Bank, we know that banking is about more than just numbers. We are proud of the businesses, homes, and retirements we help to build in our community. We always strive to make reaching your financial goals easier. With our new mobile banking options, keeping track of your finances is more convenient than ever.

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Pinnacle Online Banking

Pinnacle Bank offers 24-hour online banking services to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Customer’s can sign up at any time on the website for easy access to account information. Online banking is easy to set up and use at your convenience.

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Home Mortgages

We can help you realize your dream of owning a home with any of our Mortgage Loans and other Real Estate options. If you are buying an existing home, building a home, purchasing land for future construction, or just interested in refinancing an existing mortgage, please contact your banker at Pinnacle Bank. Here are a few examples of other mortgage products we offer.

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